Reimbursement Requests

Senators, if you are requesting payment from the Societies for a budgeted expense, you MUST complete this request form. The request will be announced at the next meeting, and the Treasurer will reimburse you. Receipt copies are REQUIRED for reimbursement. Bring a physical copy to the next meeting, or submit an electronic receipt or photo/scan of a receipt below.
  • For how much is the request?
  • Describe the purchase in a few words, and if necessary include the name of the committee which made the purchase.
  • What is the name of the establishment where the purchase was made?
  • Please enter the receipt number, found usually at the top of the receipt, or the order number. You MUST present a receipt to be reimbursed. Either submit it electronically below or in person to the Treasurer at the next meeting.
  • If you have an electronic receipt, please attach a copy of it here. This may be a photo or scan of a paper receipt.