Every petitioning member of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies is required to have a sponsor, a standing senator of the Societies who gives advice and helps lead petitioners through the petitioning process. Close bonds form between most sponsors and sponsees, and as such, many Senators refer to their sponsor as their mom, dad, or parent. This tradition has created many family lines within the Societies, traceable back through many generations.

In past years, the the office of Geneologist existed in the Societies, a Senator who maintained and researched an active DiPhi Family Tree. This position unfortunately died out in the past decade and with it fell the family tree.

In fall of 2013, then-Historian Senator Clay resurrected the tradition of maintaining a family tree. He is currently in the process of finding past family tree versions and connecting them to the furthest extent possible.

At the link below, the most current version of the tree can be examined.

DiPhi Family Tree

Any corrections can be directed to twclay@live.unc.edu.

Yours truly,

Senator Tyler Clay