Di Phi Challenges

The Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies compete in challenges in the traditional spirit of competition.

Current Semester Score:

The Dialectic Society: 1 ~ The Philanthropic Society: 2

The Philanthropic Society is currently the SUPERIOR society.

ChallengeVictorious SocietyDescription/Notes:
Winter Break ReadingThe Philanthropic SocietyMembers of each society recorded the number of pages read throughout winter break
Water ChuggingThe Dialectic SocietyThe Di and Phi Presidents each chugged a 16.9 oz bottle of water as fast as they could
Book DriveThe Philanthropic SocietyMembers of each society donated books for the DiPhi book drive
BasketballTo Be DecidedTeams from each society will play a game of basketball in the spirit of March Madness