The Joint Senate
The Joint Senate of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies is governed now, and has been since its foundation, by a continually amended Constitution. This document, in its most updated form, is available below along with the By-Laws and General Statutes.The By-Laws are a set of rules, secondary to the Constitution, which outline internal administrative and operating procedures for the Societies. The General statutes are rules for the Societies which do not fit naturally within the Constitution or By-Laws, such as the cost of dues for active membership.

Individual Society Constitutions
The Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies are each governed by their own Constitutions, which outline the duties of the officers of that Society and the nature of the Society caucuses. Each document can be accessed below:

Other Society Documents
All Dialectic and Philanthropic Society papers and minutes from 1795 until the present, with few exceptions, can be found at the University Archives in Wilson Library. The collections catalog can be accessed through the following links:

Robert’s Rules of Order
All proceedings of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies are governed by Parliamentary Procedure as specified by Robert’s Rules of Order. The full list of rules as well as a “cheat sheet” can be found online at the following links: